The Exhibition

The Age of Exploration

Edwards dodo painting 1626

1598, Europeans are sailing the seas to find new lands filled with exotic plants and animals. Their grand adventures produce many new discoveries... one is the dodo. Dodos are a curious bird from a small tropical island in the Indian ocean. It was less than 100 years from their discovery until their ultimate demise. Come explore the world of the Dodo and find out why it has become the icon of extinction.

Exploring Extinction: The Dodo

Flightless Bird Mauritius, Men harvesting the island

Exploring Extinction: The Dodo looks into the life and death of this iconic creature as a case of human-driven extinction.  Starting with pristine Mauritius, this traveling exhibition reveals the tragedy that ensued as humans expanded across the oceans and explores the means to stop and even reverse those tragedy’s today.

Quick Look

  • + 1000 sqft 
  • Ships on two pallets
  • Medium security
  • Minimal Storage requirements

Exhibition includes

  • Dodo skeleton 
  • Fleshed out dodo model by Gary Staab
  • Artwork by William Stout and Julius Csotonyi
  • Age of exploration case
  • Endangered species hands-on interactive
  • Costume area
  • Island ecosystem playland
  • All signage and labels 
  • Gallery Guide
  • Docent's Guide